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Varsity Wildcat Basketball 2014-15
Fri. Nov. 14at Santa Teresa7:00 pmWildcatsW 52-51 OT Listen
Fri. Nov. 21at Alamogordo7:00 pmWildcatsL 63-65 Listen
Fri. Dec. 5Chaparral7:00 pmWildcatsW 77-52 Listen
Tues. Dec. 9Santa Teresa7:00 pmWildcatsW 51-44 Listen
Thur.-Sat. Dec. 11-13Santa Fe TournamentTBAWildcatsNo Netcast
Tues. Dec. 16at Centennial7:00 pmWildcatsL 63-27 Listen
Fri. Dec. 19Alamogordo7:00 pmWildcatsL 55-60 Listen
Sat. Dec. 20at Chaparral4:00 pmWildcatsW 65-50 Listen
Tues. Jan. 6at Silver7:00 pmWildcatsL 62-42 Listen
Thur.-Sat. Jan. 8-10Gallup InvitationalTBAWildcatsNo Netcast
Fri. Jan. 9at Roswell7:00 pmLadycatsL 67-38 Listen (part)
Sat. Jan. 10at Artesia3:30 pmLadycatsW 54-44 Listen
Tues. Jan 13Silver7:00 pmWildcatsW 57-49 Listen
Fri. Jan 16Roswell High7:00 pmWildcatsL 70-55 Listen
Tues. Jan. 20*Las Cruces7:00 pmWildcatsL 69-51 Listen
Fri. Jan 23at Cathedral*7:00 pmWildcatsL 63-59 OT Listen
Tues. Jan. 27at Onate*7:00 pmWildcatsL 55-44 Listen
Fri. Jan. 30Mayfield*7:00 pmWildcatsL 59-56 Listen
Sat. Jan. 31Cathedral*1:00 pmWildcatsNo Netcast
Tues. Feb. 3Gadsden*7:00 pmWildcatsL 54-45 Listen
Fri. Feb. 6at Las Cruces*7:00 pmWildcatsL 65-43 Listen
Fri. Feb. 13Onate*7:00 pmWildcatsL 49-48 Listen
Tues. Feb. 17at Mayfield*7:00 pmWildcatsL 54-44 Listen
Fri. Feb. 20at Gadsden*7:00 pmWildcatsL 70-54 Listen
Mon.Feb. 23District Tournament (Mayfield)7:00 pmWildcatsW 75-63 Listen
Tues. Feb. 24District Tournament (Gadsden)5:00 pmLadycatsL 46-32 Listen
Tues. Feb. 24District Tournament (Gadsden)5:00 pmWildcatsL 60-30 Listen
Fri.-Sat. March 6-71st Round StateTBAWildcats
Tues.-Sat. March 10-14State TournamentTBAWildcats
*District Games

2014 Wildcat Football/Volleyball
Fri. August 29at Cathedral7:00 pmFootballNo Netcast
Tues. Sept. 26Silver7:00 pmVolleyballNo Netcast
Fri. Sept. 5at Carlsbad7:00 pmFootballNo Netcast
Fri. Sept. 12Silver (Cheer Night)7:00 pmFootballNo Netcast
Fri. Sept. 19at Artesia7:00 pmFootballL 53-15 Listen
Fri. Sept. 26Santa Fe (Homecoming)7:00 pmFootballW 27-7 Listen
Fri. Oct. 3Alamogordo (Band Night)7:00 pmFootballL 27-20 Listen
Tues. Oct. 7Onate6:00 pmVolleyballL 25-21 L 25-13 L 25-18 Listen
Thu. Oct. 9at Las Cruces*7:00 pmFootballL 46-13 Listen
Fri. Oct. 17Onate* (Parents Night)7:00 pmFootballL 49-14 Listen
Fri. Oct. 24Mayfield* (Senior Night)7:00 pmFootballL 51-0 Listen
Tues. Oct. 28Las Cruces*6:00 pmVolleyballL 25-22 L 25-16 W 25-18 L 25-15 Listen
Fri. Nov. 7at Gadsden*7:00 pmFootballW 24-6 Listen
*District Games

Varsity Wildcat Baseball 2014 (Broadcast Games)
Tues. Mar. 11Las Cruces5:00 pmWildcatsL 13-0 Listen
Tues. Apr. 8Silver5:00 pmWildcatsL 8-1 Listen
Sat. Apr. 12Cathedral1:00 pmWildcatsW 7-3 Listen
Thu. Apr. 17Santa Teresa*5:00 pmWildcatsW 8-3 Listen
Tues. Apr. 22Centennial*5:00 pmWildcatsW 4-1 Listen
Tues. Apr. 29Chaparral*5:00 pmWildcatsW 8-2 Listen
Fri. May 9vs. Los Lunas5:00 pmWildcatsW 7-4 Listen
Sat. May 10vs. Los Lunas10:00 amWildcatsW 15-0 Listen
Thu. May 15State Championship vs Piedra VistaABQ 4:00 pmWildcatsL 5-2 Listen

Varsity Wildcat Basketball 2013-14
Tues. Dec. 3at Hot Springs7:00 pmWildcatsW 87-47 Listen
Thu-Sat Dec. 5-7Capital TournamentTBAWildcatsNo Broadcast
Tues. Dec. 10at Gadsden7:00 pmWildcatsL 61-46 Listen
Thu-Sat Dec. 12-14Santa Fe TourneyTBAWildcatsNO Broadcast
Tues. Dec. 17Silver7:00 pmWildcatsL 59-42 Listen
Thu. Dec. 19Onate7:00 pmWildcatsW 58-46 Listen
Fri. Dec. 20at Alamogordo7:00 pmWildcatsL 82-64 Listen
Tues. Jan. 7Silver7:00 pmLadycatsL 56-47 Listen
Fri. Jan. 10at Valencia7:00 pmWildcatsL 55-54 Listen
Sat. Jan. 11Artesia3:30 pmLadycatsNo Netcast
Sat. Jan. 11MVCS6:30 pmWildcatsNo Netcast
Tues. Jan. 14Cobre7:00 pmWildcatsW 63-39 Listen
Fri. Jan. 17at Roswell7:00 pmWildcatsL 89-42 Listen
Sat. Jan. 18at Artesia3:30 pmWildcatsL 76-56 Listen
Tues. Jan. 21Mayfield7:00 pmWildcatsW 49-48 Listen
Sat. Jan. 25Cobre4:00 pmLadycatsW 31-23 Listen
Tues. Jan. 28Cathedral7:00 pmWildcatsL 53-45 Listen
Thu. Jan. 30at Silver7:00 pmWildcatsL 59-42 Listen
Sat. Feb. 1at Cathedral1:00 pmWildcatsL 61-40 Listen
Tues. Feb. 4at Chaparel*7:00 pmWildcatsW 58-48 Listen
Fri. Feb. 7Santa Teresa*7:00 pmWildcatsL 53-52 Listen
Tues. Feb. 11at Centennial*7:00 pmWildcatsL 76-47 Listen
Fri. Feb. 14at Santa Teresa*7:00 pmWildcatsL 59-45 Listen
Tues. Feb. 18Chaparral*7:00 pmWildcatsL 62-57 OT Listen
Fri. Feb. 21Centennial*7:00 pmWildcatsL 64-44 Listen
Tues. Feb. 25District Tournament7:00 pmWildcatsW 56-29 Listen
Tues. Feb. 25District Tournament7:00 pmLadycats
Thu. Feb. 27District Tournament7:00 pmWildcats
Thu. Feb. 27District Tournament7:00 pmLadycats
Sat. March 1District Championship7:00 pmWildcats
Sat. March 1District ChampionshipTBALadycats
*District Games

Varsity Wildcat Baseball/Softball (Broadcast Games)
Thurs. March 28Onate5:00 pmWildcatsL 12-2 Listen
Tues. April 2Silver5:00 pmWildcatsW 11-1 Listen
Tues. April 16*Chaparral5:00 pmWildcatsW 10-0 Listen
Sat. April 20*Santa Teresa1:00 pmLadycatsW 1-0 Listen
Tues. April 23*Centennial7:00 pmWildcatsL 11-5 Listen
Sat. April 27*Santa Teresa1:00 pmWildcatsL 6-0 Listen
Tues. April 30*Chaparral5:00 pmLadycatsW 20-0 Listen
Sat. May 4*Centennial1:00 pmWildcats
Fri. May 101st Round Regionals vs. St. Pius4 pmWildcatsL 10-4 Listen (part)
Fri.-Sat. May 111st Round of State vs. St. PiusTBAWildcatsL 9-12 Listen
*District Games

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